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Love This Thing After Many Years of Food Savers
Salmon Slayer from Eagle River, Alaska
Purchased the VP215 last year after coming home with 32 Kenai Reds that needed processing. The Food Saver, that normally gets us through 2-3 seasons, went belly up. Picked it up at Costco (which is a big plus on returns, they'll take ANYTHING back!) Ran it non stop though 80 some bags of fillets. Did all last seasons berries and we also use it randomly for sealing foodstuff. Just finished processing 20 reds from this years dipnetting excursion and again am very impressed with running 50 bags through, non-stop for 2 hours without a hitch. I will never regret dropping the grand and only wish we'd have done it sooner. It is not the home/commercial $2500 Italian model at Alaska Butcher Supply and yes it is made in China. It is slightly lacking strict quality specs (screws off center on the back panel), but this does not harm the functional capabilities. Get it at Costco; other than driving the thing back, nothing is lost if it's a dud. Great value!
Posted at 6:25:pm 08/01/13
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Sucks in a very bad way...
Dr. Michael G. Mathews from Dallas, TX
If I could award negative stars I would. This is the third VP-215 we have gone through in just over 12 months of purchasing it. While the company has honored the warranty and replaced our defective units, the return shipping is NOT covered by warranty, so it's at your expense and this machine is JUST over the limit for UPS and FedEx standard shipments. While it runs, it's great, but all three of the units that have failed on us have had the motor completely freeze up. We use it at home exclusively with our water ovens (sous vide cooking), so these are not being subjected to commercial use nor anywhere near what would be considered even medium use by anyone's standards. Stay away... far away. I don't know what we're going to go to next, but I can promise it won't be another of these nor anything else VacMaster makes.
Posted at 3:42:pm 07/06/13
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Works great with fish & fresh game
Nick from Utah
Decided to replace my foodsaver with VacMaster 15. Stretched my budget but well worth it. The seals are great and no problems with blood. Used to prefreeze before using foodsaver but now package fresh. Can even do marinates with the meat directly in the bag. Another bonus is each bag has 2 seals and just did over 40 bags back to back with no shut down! Its a great professional machine. Bags are much cheaper than the others, just have to buy in cases of 500 which will last me one season. Glad I decided to spend the money. It's great to know the freezer is full of packaged food and everything is safe from freezer burn. Happy that we made the investment. My advice...DO IT!!
Posted at 8:32:am 06/26/13
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Glen from Palmdale Ca.
I picked up the unit for the locale Fedex yesterday. It was protected very well from damage and with excitement I unpacked and read the instructions, making sure I follow them exactly after the 900.00 dollar investment. After completing the set-up process I eagerly put the first test bag in place and started the machine. It failed to create enough suction to hold the lid closed and my frustration began. After a close look it appeared that the seal was not quite long enough to completely seal, there was a small gap were the two ends came together. Not wanting to give up I decided to check to see if there was adequate suction coming from the pump. I placed a piece of plastic over vacuum chamber suction and started the machine, it had very little draw. I then called the company I purchased the VP 215C from and there is no support on the weekend. I called the manufacture and found that there is no support on the weekend (they were closed). At this point I am very frustrate and wishing I had researched and made sure the manufacture had weekend support. I work long days and that service would be very valuable to me. I had hoped after a 900.00 purchase it would have been tested in the factory but obviously I was wrong. I am sure it will all work out with enough attention and time spent on it. Glen
Posted at 9:26:am 05/11/13
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s from Chicago
Its a beast large and heavy 84LBs plus packaging. So get help unpacking and placing it on a sturdy solid surface you wont be moving it unless absolutely necessary. Only had it for a short time but so far it rocks. Was well packed the outer box was in bad shape but the machine was in excellent condition. put oil in the pump. The oil pump is a trade off its more efficient and much quieter that the dry piston pump but requires regular maintenance. Only problem was when setting up experimenting with different vacuum cycle times had set seal and cool to zero and accidentally bumped the seal from zero to max. Bummer bad smell burned Teflon tape. It came with a spare tape. I have ordered another spare now. The roll over on the setting to go from zero to max is a bad thing going from max to zero would be OK but from zero to max not so much. Other wise very happy. I did the obligatory empty soda can bag of water and my sandwich, was impressed. Note not going to do the sandwich again and bread in general is not to appealing after being crushed flat. I have done some meat and cheese with excellent results. A bag hold down to help keep it alined on the seal bar would be nice. For a commercial machine I would have expected a sturdier feeling power switch. Other then my few minor complaints it is an excellent machine. I learned to cook in a commercial kitchen in high school and find that I prefer the straight foreword no nonsense design and operation of commercial kitchen equipment over the over-designed counter art peaces that so much of the home equipment is today.
Posted at 8:06:am 04/19/13
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Hunting Clubs Listen.....
Ray from Wisconsin
In our hunting camp I have purchased many "vacuum packaging machines" like the most popular brands available. And we use them very hard. My last one just went out and I did some research. I purchased the VP215C. I did it for 2 reasons. 1. The reviews and the research I did and 2. The cost and availability of the bags for the traditional packaging machine. I have packaged 4 deer with this unit so far and am very impressed. WOW is all I can say. If your gonna buy a high end type of "Foodsaver" I say don't waste your money. Do your research on this unit. I'll post more after this hunting season concludes but so far I am impressed. UPDATE. Packaged over 300 lbs of hot sticks and 100 lbs of sausage. Still working great. I have found our solution to our weakest link. Good Bye!
Posted at 6:12:pm 04/04/13
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Just amazing!
Randall from Oregon
Wow! That's all I can say! We purchased the vp215 for packaging our fish and game and it's been so awesome for fish that I can't wait to use it for packaging game we harvest this fall. I was a little concerned by the price but I would buy it again any day. And the pouches it uses are far cheaper than bags for the other kind of machines. Highly recommended!
Posted at 12:29:pm 09/12/12
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Works GREAT!!!
Mary from MO
We have owned our VacMaster for two years now and absolutely love it. We purchased the product because we want to eat local and organic. We grow our own food as well as hunt and raise cattle, chickens and hogs for our use.

Using the VacMaster makes processing our food so much easier than any other vac system we have ever had. We just used it over the weekend to finish processing six deer we harvested during hunting season and it made our work go so much faster!

We have had to contact tech support two times for minor issues (the first time was for help in setting the system up, the second on how to change out the teflon sealing strip) and both times received great support.

Yes, the initial investment is pricey but you will not be sorry - I'm not! :-)
Posted at 1:33:pm 03/06/12
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VP 215
Anthony mercurio from Summit Nj
Took delivery of a vp215. Machine was poorly packed. And didn't work. I wish I held on to my 1000 dollars. No customer service yet.
Posted at 7:25:pm 01/10/12
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Leigh from Solon
We bought the 215 machine for vacuum packing for Sous Vide preparation. We prepare our stocks and soups in the morning and package portions to be reheated during dinner service. I bought this machine since it allowed me package liquids and allowed the maximum portion to be packaged.
Posted at 6:46:am 12/07/11
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